Great things to see and do in and around Mildura

<h2>Some places of interest:</h2> <p><a href="/river-towns/mungo-national-park/">Mungo National Park</a><br /> Old Mildura Homestead&nbsp;(<a href="/mildura/chaffey-trail/">Chaffey Trail</a>)<br /> Mildura Waves and swimming pool<br /> Mildura Workingman&rsquo;s Club&nbsp;(<a href="/mildura/chaffey-trail/">Chaffey Trail</a>&nbsp;extension)<br /> &lsquo;Rio Vista&rsquo;&nbsp;(<a href="/mildura/chaffey-trail/">Chaffey Trail</a>)<br /> Langtree Hall&nbsp;(c.1889) (<a href="/mildura/chaffey-trail/">Chaffey Trail</a>l extension)<br /> Woodsie&rsquo;s Gem Shop<br /> Pioneer Cottage<br /> Mildura Art Centre<br /> Carnegie Library&nbsp;(<a href="/mildura/chaffey-trail/">Chaffey Trail</a>&nbsp;extension)<br /> Orange World<br /> <a href="/ps-melbourne-pv-rothbury-963/">PS Melbourne and PV Rothbury</a><br /> Lock 11 and Weir Memorial&nbsp;(<a href="/mildura/chaffey-trail/">Chaffey Trail</a>)<br /> Sunraysia Water Board Filtration<br /> <a href="/parks/kings-billabong-mildura/">King&rsquo;s Billabong<br /> </a>Psyches Bend Pump Station&nbsp;(<a href="/mildura/chaffey-trail/">Chaffey Trail</a>)</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Mungo National Park Tours - Mungo Lodge Image

Mungo National Park Tours - Mungo Lodge

Address: Arumpo Road Buronga, New South Wales 2715
Phone: (03) 5029 7297

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Wild Side Outdoors Image

Wild Side Outdoors

Address: 10 Tecoma Street Red Cliffs Mildura, Victoria 3496
Phone: (03) 5024 3721
Mobile: 0428 242 852

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Mildura Visitor Information Centre Image

Mildura Visitor Information Centre

Address: 180-190 Deakin Avenue Mildura, Victoria 3500
Phone: 1800 039 043

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Wentworth Gaol Image

Wentworth Gaol

Address: Beverley Street Wentworth, New South Wales 2648
Phone: (03) 5027 3337

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Arts Mildura Image

Arts Mildura

Address: 33 Deakin Avenue Mildura, Victoria 3500
Phone: (03) 50229542

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Wentworth Visitor Information Centre Image

Wentworth Visitor Information Centre

Address: 66 Darling Street Wentworth, New South Wales 2648
Phone: (03) 5027 5080

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Trentham Estate Image

Trentham Estate

Address: 6531 Sturt Highway, Trentham Cliffs via Gol Gol, New South Wales 2738
Phone: (03) 5024 8888

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