Millewa Community Pioneer Park in Meringur

A brief history of the Millewa Pioneer Park

Visitors are always welcome. Have a BBQ. Group bookings catered for.

Established in 1986, the Millewa Pioneer Park was established to recognise the efforts of early settlers creating a livelihood from humble beginnings, which is run by a voluntary committee, committed to creating a visual hands-on-display of early Millewa district history and lifestyle. The emphasis of the displays is to preserve the heritage, environment and the history of the wider Millewa community.

Originally, the Millewa area was an experiment in close settlement dryland farming in the Mallee region, previously sparsely occupied by Latje Latje Aboriginal peoples. It nearly failed due to the limited earthen channels for domestic and stock water supply. At its peak, the settlement comprised 700 farms in 1928, declining to 200 in 1945. After reallocation in 1948 farms became larger and decreased in numbers again and this trend has continued until present through natural economic pressures.

The Millewa is now a very successful grain growing area, producing some of the country's highest quality hard grain.

Take a stroll to discover the 500 memorial trees have been planted, each with a plaque documenting family histories of community and pioneering families.

The Millewa Pioneer Park belongs to the community. It is open daily, with guides and light catering available by appointment. Come and learn about our history and share our enjoyment of this wonderful region.

Site Attractions

There are many attractions here to enjoy. Wander among the 350 native trees planted in 1986, our bicentennial year, to commemorate the Millewa pioneering families of this dry land farming district. To the East and West of the park, native shrubs have been planted. Sit and enjoy the area at the tables provided, or bring some meat for a wood fired barbecue.

Open Day on 1st Sunday in October each year

1 Information shelter
2 Maypole
3 Memorial Cairn for early clergy to the area
4 BBQ's electric and wood fired
5 Millewa history resource centre housing historical information
6 Original pine log chaff shed with Mallee farm memorabilia
7 Bush shed
8 Local Millewa honour roll of World War 2
9 Hand water pump and horse trough
10 Mobile kitchen - originally used by Shire of Mildura road gang
11 Drinking fountain
12 The first government buildings in the Millewa previously crown lands, housing Millewa Pioneer's Wall of Memory
13 Police lock up
14 Combine
15 Blacksmith's shop
16 All Saints Anglican Church
17 Windmill and stripper
18 Original 'Simpson's' pioneer cottage set in the pre-war era with a heritage garden
19 Sub surface cellar
20 Outdoor kitchen and chook house
21 Historic wood burning baker's oven still used on special occasions
22 Good's rail van
23 Historic country railway station in complete working order
24 Historic guards vans over 100 years old housing pictorial display
25 Pine room ex Werrimull railway station
26 Pine log fence
27 Meringur ex Kurnwill school
28 Large machinery display, featuring tractors, scoops and wool press
29 Big plough
30 Interpretive centre - local bird, flower and reptile photographic display
31 1847 pine log Kulnine hut and cow shed
32 Shadows of the Past - a national monument
33 Roller and winnower
34 Horse works
35 Sun dial
36 Hall
37 Telecom building, first modern exchange
38 The press shop
39 Committee room
40 Horse drawn caravan
41 Y Class Train engine (Nowingi)


President: Heather Yates, phone (03) 5028 1202

Vice President: Bill Duncan, phone (03) 5028 3295

Secretary: Margaret Turvey, phone (03) 5023 1607

or Meringur Post Office during business hours, phone (03) 5028 3300

For more information or availability of tours, please contact one of the above people for appropriate information about the park.